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Unmarried Couple: How to Establish Paternity

Unmarried parents face a multitude of challenges when they are seeking to part ways because unlike their married counterparts, the father is not recognized as a biological parent, despite their.......

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Divorce Attorney

Asset Division in Illinois

Divorces can be an emotionally distressing and a difficult period for a couple. However, there are many aspects such as alimony and child custody, to name a few, that require.......

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How to Deal With Debt during Divorce

Divorce is always difficult, despite being very common, it is a very crucial time in one’s life. Moreover, there are certain issues that need to be resolved such as alimony,.......

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Real Estate Attorney

Common Myths about Real Estate Law

Real Estate law is a field which encompasses every legal aspect governing the sale or purchase of real estate properties. It also addresses the conflicts arising from the ownership or.......

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Parenting Time In Illinois

Can Parenting Time Be Denied?

Divorce may end the relationship between a husband and a wife but it does not affect their role as parents. That’s why most estranged couples engage in vicious child custody.......

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Real Estate Law 101

Real estate law is a comprehensive field which encompasses a wide range of issues ranging from ownership to settlement of different issues pertaining to real estate properties such as foreclosure.......

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