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Second Opinions

I want a second opinion.” Every doctor has heard this request. All too often every lawyer does not. It is your case. Your attorney should be pursuing your goals and should be doing it in a manner that both you and your attorney believe will be effective and is appropriate. If you believe that your attorney may not be properly advocating your goals you should consider seeking a second opinion.

You should never remain dissatisfied with how your matter is being handled. You should never hesitate to seek advice regarding how your goals might better be met. We know that it might seem difficult to seek advice from another attorney. We can offer you a free consultation and a dedication to confidentiality. We can discuss your case and your goals in a confidential hour-long conference. All too often by listening to you, discussing your case with you, and reviewing your matter, we find that there is a better path to reach your goals.

Things can and will get better. If your matter is being handled properly and effectively you will have additional confidence in your attorney. If your matter is not being handled properly and effectively we have substantial experience getting cases back on track to achieve your goals.

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