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3 Ways a Real Estate Lawyer Can Help You during a Home Sale

Selling a house is a massive undertaking that involves numerous factors that require careful consideration of the homeowner. While a real estate agent may help you to organize a deal; having legal representation on your side especially during the closing process can be extremely beneficial. A real estate lawyer will serve as an extra pair of eyes and will ensure to protect your financial interests. Here are 3 reasons why you should lawyer up when looking to sell your home.

Clear the Title

You may face an array of issues pertaining to the title of your home; including, but not limited to, unpaid balances, property taxes, and trust complications. These matters can take a substantial amount of time to get resolved, which can delay the home sale for several months. In such instances, your attorney will help in the preparation of necessary documents which can be quite an exhaustive and time-consuming task. Moreover, they will ensure that all relevant documents are prepared, which may potentially expedite the sale process.

Negotiate Effectively

After receiving the home inspection report, buyers usually attempt to negotiate on a lower price. Though your real estate agent may try to controvert some of their claims to reduce the price tag of your house, they might be unable to reason as effectively as an attorney. Having a competent real estate lawyer with persuasive skills can give you an upper hand during the negotiation and possibly help you sell your house at the maximum price.

Review Escrow Documents

During the closing process, you will be required to fill out escrow documents including property information statement, grant deed, and various other forms. Your real estate agent will be capable of performing basic parsing of the document, but it is a wise choice to have an attorney review all the important documents, especially in a transaction involving a considerable sum of money. Your lawyer will thoroughly read the documents and identify any matter that may possibly put you in jeopardy.

These are just three main reasons why you should hire a real estate lawyer; they can provide comprehensive services throughout the sale process of your house. They will ensure to cover all legal aspects which will shield you from claims and disputes that may arise in the future.

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