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These Signs Could Indicate Your Relationship Is Near the End

No one walks down the aisle thinking they will be walking to a Hinsdale divorce lawyer down the line. But staying in a toxic, unfulfilling, and emotionless marriage is not healthy for you and your children.

Top Signs Your Marriage Should End

While the divorce rate in Illinois has declined since the ’90s, that doesn’t mean you should remain a part of it if your nuptials are strangling your chances of a content future. Here are some signs that you should get a divorce as soon as possible:

1. You Are Living As a Single Person Rather Than a Married One

If you act like you are single in your marriage, you are unhappy in it. Going out with friends once or twice a week is healthy. But if you are heading to bars without your wedding ring or flirting with singles, you are looking for a different life and partner.

2. Your Sex Life Has Dried Up

Physical intimacy is the glue that holds married couples together. It can be a great stress reliever. If you avoid it even when you feel the urge or are repulsed by your partner, your relationship is ending. Feeling disgusted even with thoughts of your partner means the marriage is probably ending.

3. Your Goals Are Ignored or Rejected

Do you want to change your career, get the degree you always wanted, or go off-grid and live off the land? Do any of those goals include your spouse? Your marriage might be over if you cannot achieve them because of an unsupportive spouse.
Think about it. If your spouse doesn’t even try to understand how your goals make you happy and fulfilled, they are just occupying space in your life. Plus, if you think pursuing goals may harm your marriage or cause a rift and are still willing to follow them, you have already checked out of the relationship.

4. You Come Home Late Deliberately

You find yourself working after hours a lot even though you don’t have to or take hours to return home after work. Or you get right on your phone as soon as you return home because you cannot stand the tension and negative energy there.
These are signs that your marriage is toxic and giving you more stress than it should. Your partner should be a source of comfort, not anxiety. Rather than a therapist, hiring a Hinsdale divorce lawyer is a better idea.

5. You Are Ready To Move On

If you are having an affair or have a Tinder profile, you have checked out of your marriage. The same is true if you discover your partner is cheating on you or you find yourself sharing your goals, thoughts, dreams, and other intimate details with someone else. Either way, you have outgrown your relationship and are ready to move on.

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