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Helping Your Kids Cope Emotionally After A Divorce

A divorce can be crushing for couples. While the adults may be able to bounce back, expecting their children to do the same is irresponsible parenting. Children and even teenagers don’t have the emotional maturity to deal with the complex emotions this event can trigger. However, you can help them cope with the upheaval by using these tips.

Keep Communication Open

After the divorce, your children will have lots of questions. The answers you give should allow them to adjust to their new situation without stressing out. Chances are some children may even shut down emotionally or draw into themselves to cope.

During this difficult time, the worst thing to do is force them to communicate with you. They should be able to have you address their concerns and talk to you when they are ready to. Continue to keep the lines of communication open by telling them you are always there if they need to talk about this sensitive topic.

Create A Sense of Stability in Both Homes

After the divorce, your ex-spouse will be living separately. While this may come as a relief to you, your children may think their security and stability is being compromised. This can cause emotional turmoil because at this age, children crave familiarity. Seeing both parents living in different homes will make them question their living situation.

To make the transition easier for them, create a sense of familiarity in both homes. Tell your children they belong in both homes and that their parents love them just as much as they did before the separation. To ensure this, make sure both homes are clean, comfortable and welcoming.

Keep Details to Yourself

Your children do not need to know the details surrounding the divorce. No matter who was responsible for the separation, your priority should be to ensure your children have a stable future. Playing the blame game will only further confuse them and throw them in more turmoil.

So keep those technical discussions within friends, family members and between you and your lawyer without any further present. This is critical in an ‘at fault’ divorce, which may involve adultery. If your ex spouse still insists on getting the children, telling them details will not be in their best interests.

If you are looking for a reliable child support attorney in Hinsdale, IL, get in touch with us at Dan Walker Law Office today. We will fight for your rights aggressively to meet your personal goals.

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