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Chicago Employment Lawyers

The Chicago employment lawyers of Dan Walker Law can help you you can navigate employment law concerns whether you are an employer or an employee in Illinois. This is where the professional and experienced lawyers from Dan Walker Law Office can help. Here are some of the areas where our advice and intervention can prove invaluable:

Employment Discrimination

As an employee, you may face discrimination based on your gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion, among other aspects. A Chicago employment attorney can ensure your rights are not violated. Here are some issues that should raise red flags in the workplace:

  • You have to defend yourself against stereotypical remarks based on your gender and/or race.
  • Attempts to improve yourself at your job are met with discrimination or negative responses.
  • Your contributions are ignored in favor of your co-workers, based on the aforementioned aspects.
  • You are sexually harassed by employers or co-workers.

Rather than waiting until the situation escalates, consulting with an Illinois employment lawyer can give you some clarity regarding your situation.

Wrongful Termination

In Illinois, employment is “at will,” which means that you can quit your job any time or your employer can fire you for any reason. However, you are also entitled to severance if your termination was wrongful. That can be the case if:

  • Your employer violates contractual obligations.
  • Your employer does not follow designated disciplinary actions that are mentioned in the handbook.
  • You are fired because you made whistleblower claims.
  • You were let go because of pregnancy or medical issues pertaining to one.
  • Your duties, workplace, or work schedule does not accommodate a pregnancy.
  • You are not given time off from work because of illness.
  • Your salary does not reflect the job you are employed for.
  • You are discriminated against because of mental health or physical disabilities.
  • You are forced to work overtime without pay.
  • Your employment is terminated because you disclosed your wages to other employees.
  • You are forced to violate your religious beliefs and practices in the workplace.
  • You are paid less than the minimum wage (this should be $8.25/hour for workers who are 18 years old or older).

How Our Chicago Employment Lawyers Can Help You

Illinois employment attorneys, such as the professionals at Dan Walker Law Office, can give you the representation you deserve. Employment laws are designed to aid employers and employees understand workplace rights, but they can be too complex to understand in full.

A skilled attorney who is proficient in the terms of these laws can provide clear legal counsel. This includes aggressive representation to ensure you receive the justice and compensation you rightly deserve. With more than 85 years of combined experience, the lawyers at Dan Walker Law Office have an in-depth understanding of the legal system. This allows us to provide strong legal consultation and representation that can hold your employer accountable for their wrongful actions.

The best part is that the consultation is completely free of charge. An attorney will be assigned to your case based on your requirements and the goals you seek. Get in touch with Dan Walker Law Office by dialing 630-920-8800 today.

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