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Rights Protected Under Illinois Parental Responsibility Law

Under the Illinois Parental Responsibility Law, parents may be held responsible for personal damages and injuries their children cause. The law dictates parental rights on child custody. Depending on the law, p...

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How Does Family Violence Influence Child Custody in Cook County?

Intimate partner violence or family violence rips thousands of families apart in Hinsdale, IL, every year. If it happens in a family once, it usually happens again, leading to a devastating emotional environmen...

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Can Parenting Time Be Denied?

Divorce may end the relationship between a husband and a wife but it does not affect their role as parents. That’s why most estranged couples engage in vicious child custody battles after their divorce. Altho...

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Understanding the Parenting Time Schedule Basics in Illinois

Many drastic changes have been made to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) during 2016, affecting different elements of divorce in Illinois. In January 2016, laws pertaining to child c...

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